About United Basketball

Our Mission:

To create competitive basketball opportunities and experiences for players from out-state Minnesota.  We strive to engrain the highest levels of character and work ethic in each of our players, while teaching fundamental basketball skills and providing players an opportunity to compete at the highest level available.

About WCU:

West Central United Basketball is the premiere basketball team in West Central Minnesota.  Our teams are made up of elite players from across West Central Minnesota. WCU travels to compete in Spring and Summer tournaments across the state and surrounding areas.  It is our purpose and goal to provide a competitive basketball environment and experience for players from out-state Minnesota.

Based in Alexandria, MN, WCU provides an opportunity for out-state players to participate in a high level basketball program without the burden of traveling to the Twin Cities for practices.


Program Cost:

A player's season fee is typically $100 per tournament.  For example:  if a player's team will play in 7 tournaments that season, each player's fee is $700.  Some exceptions apply.

Season fees cover tournaments, practices, coaches, and uniforms.  Travel expenses are not covered and are the responsibility of each player/family.

We do not allow players to pay for tournaments a la carte (so to speak).  Players are either on the team or not.  If they choose to play for West Central United, they must pay the full season fee--- even if they have scheduling conflicts that prohibit them from playing in every tournament.


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