See why both the kids and parents love WCU!

My 9th grade son had the opportunity to play with West Central United last year and it truly was a great experience on many levels.  The quality of play was at a high level giving him the opportunity to challenge himself, both in games and practice.  The coach also made a difference in my son’s improvement.  On several occasions since the season I have asked my son where he learned a skill or understanding the reply has been “Coach Joe”.  West Central United was a perfect combination of fun and valuable basketball skill development.

-Peter, Glenwood, MN

My son was a member of WCU for the last two years, playing on the 16 elite and 17 elite teams.  United is a very well run program and provides kids with a lot of court time in the off-season.  The experience taught our son to be more aggressive on the court, improved his defensive skills and developed leadership traits.

One of my favorite parts of the program was meeting new kids and their families and being able to follow and support them throughout their HS basketball seasons. I believe our son, and us as parents, have made lasting friendships with members of his team and their families.

Would we do it again? Absolutely!  Playing against tougher teams and high caliber ball players will only help your son be a better ball player on his HS team.  Does it take up weekends? Yes - but if you are willing to help your son improve his game, all the time and weekend tournaments are well worth it.

Andrew Wiener and his coaching staff do a great job with the different age levels and scheduling practices and tournaments. I would definitely recommend WCU for players to work on their game during the spring/summer.

-Wendi, Browerville, MN

I highly recommend WCU for anyone who is serious about playing college basketball. Players have a chance to play in some of the top AAU tournaments and play against top level competition. Coach Wiener does a fantastic job promoting his players to the college scouts through his coaching connections.

My son was by no means the most talented player in high school, but his hard work and tough play was noticed and he is now playing Division III basketball. The United program is close-knit and loyal to their players. My family’s experience with the program is a great example of this. My son intends to pursue a career in coaching after college and he communicated that to Coach Wiener. After graduating high school and completing a year of college, my son was offered a coaching position with United. He is now coaching the 16U team and continues to enjoy being a part of West Central United.

-Todd, Alexandria, MN

I brought my son to WCU the spring of his 16U season. After playing one season of AAU for another organization during his 15U season. We were not happy with how the other program ran their “tryouts,” as teams were pre-determined. United puts significant weight into a player’s performance at tryouts and teams are not pre-determined.

Not getting our son involved with AAU until his 15U season was our first mistake. But my son wanted to play good basketball on a good team with coaches willing to teach him and against top competition. Getting involved with United allowed us to do just that.

We went to tryouts where coaches evaluated players and made decisions on their skills and not their reputations. That season we put together a good team. Played in the upper divisions of AAU tournaments. Learned a lot, got better, and had a good season.

All of this laid the groundwork for our next season. The team had a good foundation of players but added a few others to be able to compete with top competition. During my son’s 17U season, the team finished ranked in the top 25 in Minnesota and was well respected in the AAU Circuit.

One of the highlights of the season was playing in Ames Iowa. The All Iowa Attack AAU facility is one of the nicest facilities you will ever play in. That was a great trip for the team and each individual player.

United allowed my son to have the AAU experience he wanted-- - giving him the opportunity to compete for a position and play top level competition. Preparing him for his Junior and Senior Varsity seasons.

Thank you Andrew, Chuck, and the entire United coaching staff.

-Lowell, New London-Spicer, MN

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